Sea Lions in Newport

Posted April 25, 2013

Sea Lions on a dock in Yaquina Bay at Port Dock One in Newport's Historic Bayfront District

There are lots of interesting things to see in Newport. A popular attraction is watching the male sea lions that congregate on a dock in Yaquina Bay at Port Dock One in Newport’s Historic Bayfront District. It’s fascinating to watch them as they seem to play a game of “King of the Mountain” by barking and growling at other sea lions that try to slide onto the dock or snuggle up close to them.

Sea lions have been coming to this dock for over 15 years after they took over the dock that was built for recreational boaters. Over the years the dock deteriorated from storms and from the weight of the half ton sea lions until it was finally destroyed by winter storms last year. Currently, the sea lions have been provided with a narrow dock that is on loan until a new one can be built.

Male sea lions can be seen in Yaquina Bay and along the Oregon Coast during most of the year except around the month of July when they migrate south to breed. Most of the female sea lions live year round in the warmer waters of California. Sea lions can also be seen basking in the sun on jetties or on buoys in Yaquina Bay.

For more information on a replacement dock for the sea lions and a new viewing area for visitors, visit the Newport Sea Lion Docks Foundation website.